Citra Baru Steel (CBS) is an enterprising steel manufacturer with a long-established reputation for quality and reliability.


Since the beginning of our operation in 2008, we have specialized in the fabrication and supply of structural steels for large-scale constrution projects in Indonesia.

Putting focus in quality, we started with a small production of100,000 tons billets annually. Just within two years, we grew rapidly and managed to double that capacity. In 2012, we invested in a rolling mill technology that enabled us to produce our current main products. In 2014, we continued to add up to 20% increase by demand and expand to export as one of the leading producers in South East Asia.

We exceeded through crisis and uncertainties, passed the ups and downs of the industry, when others failed to deliver, our strength and capabilities prevails. As a company, we aim for long-term partnership and greatly invest in good relations with our customers. As a trusted partner, we strive to provide for reliable, supply of quality steel products at competitive prices.


Become one of Indonesia’s top leading manufacturers for high-quality
structural steel products.


Provide excellence to our customers with reliable supply of high quality steel products, along with resourceful expertise support and excellent customer service.



Customer comes first. Putting our clients’ satisfaction second to none, it is our utmost priority to meet their needs and give them our best.


We commit to quality. It is the one thing we would never compromise, as we value it as a form of our company’s integrity. We strive to ensure all of our products meet the highest quality standard and our customer expectations.


As a manufacturer, we aim for perfection in every aspect of our daily more affordable products to answer the market’s challenging demands.

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